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Cardiff Image quizzes

A series of quizzes asking you to identify where in Cardiff photos were taken.

Cardiff Pubs

Nearly 200 Cardiff pubs, some now extinct.
Cardiff landmarks


Some of Cardiff's main tourist attractions.
Roath Park images

Roath Park

The most famous park in Cardiff captured through the seasons.
Roath Park football

Roath Park Football

Photographs of informal games of football on the Roath Park rec going way back to Spring 2007.
Roath football videos

Football Videos

Slow motion videos of informal games of football on the Roath Park recreation field.
Roath football videos

Tennis Videos

Slow motion videos of tennis at the Mackintosh tennis club in Roath/Plasnewydd.
Mackintosh Tennis images

Mackintosh Tennis

Photographs of Mackintosh tennis club players.
Mac tennis courts

Mackintosh new tennis courts 2014

Two new tennis courts under construction at Mackintosh bowls and tennis club.
Street people


Locals and visitors to the streets of Cardiff.
Nant Fawr Trail images

Nant Fawr Trail

Countryside within the city.

Cardiff Map

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Albany Road crane lift

2016 Albany Road crane lift

A gigantic crane lifts a 3 storey crane over new flats.
2013 Cardiff Half Marathon

2013 Cardiff Half Marathon

Some snaps of the marathon as it passed through Roath.
2012 Olympics

2012 Olympics in Cardiff

Some 2012 London Olympics events spill over into Cardiff.
Filming in Cardiff

Filming in Cardiff

Dr Who and Casualty are some popular productions filmed in Cardiff.
Hare Krisna procession

Hare Krisna 2012 procession

During the Olympic fortnight, there were additional events.
Albany-Wellfield Road changes

2012 Albany-Wellfield Junction changes

2012 changes to the junction of Albany Road and Wellfield Roads in Roath.
St Davids 2 images

St Davids 2

The construction of part two of the city centre shopping mall.

Boothby Green Grocery

A high-quality miniature grocery store opened briefly in Wellfield Road.

2010 Chinese New Year

A sprinkling of images from the Chinese New year celebrations in February 2010.

2009 Chinese New Year

Capturing the very colourful Chinese New year celebrations in January 2009.
Ichiban incident

Ichiban hit by a car

Pictures before and after a car hit this Albany Road restaurant on 2008.

2008 Coffee #1 opening

Coffee #1 opened in Wellfield Road in Roath in early 2008. It instantly became very popular.
Mackintosh Renovations

Mackintosh Renovations

The Mackintosh bowls and tennis club, just along from Albany Road, receives a major uplift in 2006/2007.